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A Plea For Purging - Malevolence lyrics

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Malevolence by A Plea For Purging

Who do you think you are?
And what have you become?
I have barely recognized your face for so long.
What do you think they see?
And what have you portrayed?
I can barely recognize your face.
It started with just a taste.
It was just a game.
But you bought your lies
With the soul you once had.
You've created a monster.
A modern day Jekyll and Hyde.
You're not the same as you once were.
Still not sure you're even inside.
Do you even know your own name now?
Satisfy or be satisfied.
Eat it up now
'Cause you've dug yourself in too deep.
Does it taste good? Do they taste good?
Was it worth it? Are they worth it now?
You've created a monster.
We've created a monster.
Look at what you've become.
A monster.

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