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Then Again

by Aphasia


Then Again Song Lyrics

Then Again by Aphasia

But then again...
I could never take my time for granted and waste it like you do
I think that's something that you always knew
And in the end I just want to know how you could do this to me
You owe me a reason for why you are so cold

You didn't have to walk away
It didn't have to end this way
'cause you had it all and you just gave it away
A vivid memory burned in my mind
I tried to put out the fire
You broke the bond and now our time has expired
And I was unaware you did not care
My trust is broken and beyond repair

You didn't have to walk away
But then again...
Our differences we could never mend
I'm losing you and refusing to hide my pain
I knew you were too good to be true
Do you feel the same as I do now, for you

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