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A.O.N. - Go To Sleep lyrics

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Go To Sleep by A.O.N.

I'm Baaaack!
Go to sleep [x4]
{Verse 1}
You know it's Angelus
Of f-f-fuckin Nex
Use to give a fuck
Now could give a fuck less
Out to prove that I'm the best
By any fuckin means
And you have never seen
Anybody that's quite like me
I'll haunt you in yout dreams
You won't sleep
For fear of me
Everyone will hear of me
Killin people just like Freddy
Creuger the loser
From "Nightmare on Elm Street"
You'll never escape from me
So just go to fuckin sleep
[Chorus x4]
Go to sleep
So the demon inside me can kill you
Go to sleep
Cause if you don't, while you're awake I'll kill you
{Verse 2}
Here goes verse #2
My body count is through the roof
You want some fuckin proof?
Let me demonstrate on you
That's what I fuckin thought
You're a bitch that has no balls
Devil without a cause?
Ha, more like a pussy broad
Go to sleep and have you some fuckin sweet dreams
Until my demon drops in with the horror that it brings
Now I don't say these things
To make you scared of me
Just to let you know
To never fuck with me
And also just to show
The horror it will bring
For you
I warn you
To never fuck with me
Cause if you do I'll fuckin kill you awake or in your dreams
Real life or make believe
Just go to fuckin sleep
Go to sleep bitch [x8]
Go to sleep
{Verse 3 [x3]}
It's time to switch it up bitch
It's time to kill yo ass bitch
You know
I never get tired of this shit
You betta go
Before you get ya throat slit
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep bitch
Go to sleep
... Talking...

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