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A.O.N. - Broken Concience lyrics

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Broken Concience by A.O.N.

Broken conscience
Broken mind
Broken thoughts leave me behind
Time is ticking
Time is up
How will time affect our love?
That I ask
That I fear
Now that you have left me here
Now you know it
Now I've spoken
Know my consience is now broken
{verse 1}
See my concience don't work no more it don't hurt no more
U had me cryin my eyes dryin but it hurts no more
I want u back I can't react because I'm just 2 sad
I want you back, I need you back, I want you back so bad
All day I cry, wonder why you left me here alone
Just to cry, tryin to find out what I did wrong
You left me dyin, left me lyin in my puddle of tears
Just to drown, while around, me are my worst fears
{verse 2}
I sit and think, while on the brink of this high ledge
Feelin blue with thoughts of you runnin through my head
Of all the girls, in the world baby you're the best
Now I'm a mess, so I guess now in peace I will rest
I love you, that is true, without you I'm dead inside
Now on my way, I'll guess I'll say I love you and goodbye
One more thing, know I mean when I say I love you
Nothin else, has ever felt so right and so true
All knowing, mind blowing, thoughts all in my head
Only we, can see, all the blood I've bled
Cause it I hide, in my mind, where only we can see
If this flowing, keeps on going, my life'll cease to be
I've become, hurt and numb, since you left me here
I'm just about, all cried out, see my last tear?
Cause it's for you, just for you, see the pain you've woken?
Don't worry now, no way no how, my conscience is now broken

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