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Letting Go Lyrics

by Antiskeptic


Letting Go Song Lyrics

Letting Go by Antiskeptic

And he dreams
Another atmosphere
Evaporated fear
A place inside that he dreams and knows too well
Letting Go
A new Reality
The light reflecting in
Revealing lock and key
Inside his prison cell

It's a dream he often fails to tell
School is way too ordinary for him
The reason is for change of inward self...
But it will never go away.

And he dreams
A place of barrenness
Echoing emptiness
The thought deniable but finds it clear and well
Letting go
Token of clarity
Transact the memory
Holding the docket of time that he let go...

Letting go... of hopelessness
I'm breathing in and out your emptiness
and I sighed "I'm so misunderstood"
Well, I know you're leaving
Believe me
I can't believe that
I once believed in you.

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