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Antim Grahan - Spectral Vision lyrics

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Spectral Vision by Antim Grahan

Through the city of the twilight
In the farthest of the sea
Behold the beauty
So limbonic, so morbid, so bright
Temptations within my heart arise
Princess of the doom
The territory of the infamous land conqured
The lover of unholy dark
Never pure, never possesed
Blood masterbation, purity overthrown
She's all to me, the mysterious
The look in the eyes blood designed
Desires of these voilent overtue
It's all never to show
Her name upon my words
Last words now never to hide
Everynight never tonight
The promise of another truth always denied
Everyday live inside the lie
Whatever you say
Your purity's overthrown
Narcissus hate as their pride
Binded by the circle of the death mirror
Through the pride which will never die for all the time
If wishes could only fray that bond
Pray forever as i pass on u whore rebel
I never want to find on from dusk till dawn
Enter the nightmare of Utopia
This is the secret garden
Where desert storm claim eden
Lost in the death field horizon
All there is now that is fear to me
Is only u that is causing the fear to me
What is there inside, i can never define
Now all i can see is thy spectral visions
All i can see thy spectral visions
All i fear is thy spectral visions
All that ever haunts me is thy spectral visions

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