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U Just A Punk

by Ant Banks


U Just A Punk Song Lyrics

U Just A Punk by Ant Banks

Yeah, c'mon, yeah
Some of this ol' hype sh*t, you know what I'm saying?
f**k with it, punk nigga, yeah
Here we go with this I'll sh*t, I knew I had to kick it
Bout these punk ass niggas in the town thinking they wicked
It's my time, thought I couldn't spit rhymes?
Well my sh*t grinds, so kick back and watch me get mine
You fake ass popping that sh*t but can't fade
Talking about you're better, but nigga who's getting paid?
So wake up, your wack ass is weak as f**k
Raise up off my f**king nuts cause nigga your sh*t sucks
Fake rapper with your fat-ass ego
Boy you ain't moving sh*t in the E-A-S-T O
Cause it's the city where the boys side, fool
(Awwwwwwww sh*t!) Now you know what they riding to
Straight funk from the Crew that's Dangerous
And punk niggas like you can't hang with us
So get your b**ch ass back before you get smacked
With the motherf**king rat-tat-tat-tat-tat
Motherf**kers don't f**k around, with the big Banks from Oaktown
Motherf**kers don't f**k around, or your punk ass will get beat down
Yeah, it goes down in the motherf**king town of Oakland
Try to clown and your ass gets smashed and smoked and
A lotta niggas I know grew up straight marks
Now they think they hard
(Nigga what's up, you want some funk, what's happening boy?)
Rolling with the crew, niggas deep as f**k
But when the sh*t goes down, your ass gots to cut
Punk nigga needs his ass kicked
Show that noggin on my block and I'm a blast it
Cause I done had it with the bullsh*t
You tapping all that lip, you wanna scr*p, you getting fooled, b**ch
Think you tough with the sh*t you talk
Behind a nigga back, ain't setting it off
You wanna go toe-to-toe come with it
Oh I forg

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