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Another Breath - Token lyrics

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Token by Another Breath

I'm proud to say that I'm part of something based in values but something right has turned cold long ago
Now you purchase symbols of these values that used to mean something
Put it on display screaming, "Do as I say, Don't do as I do."
Hollywood latches on, sucks it dry and sells this back to you
You bought it but you don't f**king own it
You never cared to question motives
Well I'm here to take it back
You never believed in the foundations of this week's new hot topic
Your values are fashion on sale for the new low price of your dignity
Is this what it takes to feel like you belong? Take a look around, you're not fooling anyone
Fashion in disguise is still fashion, and hypocrites are still a dime a dozen
You're just here to send the message
You're just here to cheapen

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