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Animit, The - Daisy lyrics

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Daisy by Animit, The

Well Daisy Rips up the Earth
With the grass and the dirt
Can’t see how the plastic burns
When all of it is burnt
Pour the costumes on me
And crash the tragic debris
Now hold accountable the cyst
And what it infests in
This contradicts love
Well, it contradicts hate
It contradicts a world that doesn’t know it lives
My poor judgment of consciousness
Unbearable cowardess
Will keep opinions closed and wonder why I’ve stayed
Stayed here for so long
And I can’t decide
If I’m awake or not
It’s getting clearer every second
Well Daisy you are the war [one/whore=war]
I’ve got to find you before
I spill the pint of blood I’ve lost on your rotting cellar door
I push through the dust
I cut myself on the rust
I come apart at the seams on an exodus to us
Fast as fast as can be
Well, It’ll never catch me
It seems at times that solid walls have a transparency
My judgment is manifest
Reality changes
And a figure captures waves and slowly becomes
The blankest sight I’ve seen
And I wait for the light
To wake me from this dream
Sum of fears equates between the change of light
Light f**ks my world and steals the blood of life
Try tasting all the sh*t of the f**k whores lies
Pouring acid down your throat, gouging out your eyes
Whine f**k that little pussy sh*t you haven’t tried mine
And understand that you’ll never understand this time
Trash, ash, rash, cardiac f**k I’m going to die
I’d find my place in hell but it’s too much like life, Oh
Don’t go so slow
Rain down and down
Well this is where it starts
I feel so insane
Locked in the past
As it whizzes by me
Passing by lights
That seem much brighter
And breathing in air
That seems so familiar
Where did I go?
I didn’t see you
What did I do?
You disappeared then
How long was I gone?
About two weeks and
What should I do?
Just shut up and kiss me
You’re evil, evil, evil
Shadows from the cold sun
Irritate as they ricochet
and start in graphs
And end inside this maze
With haste and grace
This place becomes as evil as it tastes
You take the place of Lucifer
Marching the insects inside these gates
There’s not a trace
Of fortune in this waste
This place is plain
But there is a hint of
Placid colored rays
(I see the sweet appeal of all the time we’ve lost loving a force that we cannot trust)
Why can’t that time take us back
And change the words around
There is a sense of longing underground
We hear the sirens’ last attempt at prophylactic sound
It’s well endowed
But tragically this evil can’t be found
Why can’t we fit into a place that happens to have
Ten chance failed again
Nowhere to begin
This is the end
Or maybe just the opposite again
(I want to know that all this time made sense feeding a force that I can’t regret)
I can’t wait to show you what happens after the end…

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