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Anima - Behind The Mask lyrics

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Behind The Mask by Anima

I started to build my perfect creature
Amended every piece
Of your tortured body
A mask out of metal
Banished to your
Disgusting face
Your inner organs smitten
From sickness
I will replace
With massive device
From this moment
You'll never feel
Pain or fear again
But you wanted
To fend me off
You just didn't realize
That I never
Wanted to harm you
I never wanted things
To go wrong that way
All the experiments
On your body were never meant
To manipulate your sanity
You are broken
You're falling apart
You're no longer the person
I wanted to create
You are lost
You are insane
You are the spawn of hell... of hell
The life that I gave to you
You must appraise
Don't use my gift to hunt down
People like dead meat
The sound of a shot will end up

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