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Angie Stone - Everyday (Neptune's Remix) lyrics

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Everyday (Neptune's Remix) by Angie Stone

Uh, uh, uh, what, check it out
Angie Stone
On the remix
With, who? Neptunes
I had my bouts with love
I've been going through things you never heard of
Breakin' up and gettin' back together
Faced with all kinds of stormy weather
There was a time I thought I'd lose my mind
My friends and my family warned me
Time after time after time
[Chorus 1]
Tell me how you gonna get something
All you gave up, is nothing
Every day, every day, every day baby
You twisted my heart
Tell me why I got to be buggin'
Now that I've got everything
Every day, every way you gonna pay
Now baby it took a few
For me to get over you
I didn't think I could make it
But my faith in God said I could check it
Back in the day I wasn't good enough for you
I'd do anything to win you over
You took advantage of my attention
Oh, did I forget to mention
[Chorus (x2)]
Every day you did the same thing
Every hour you'd switch up on me
Every minute I'd be forgiving
And every second we'd be reliving
[Chorus 1]
Yo, yo, uh
How you only recall all the rough times?
We ain't laugh late nights watchin Loveline?
I ain't rub your back, you ain't rub mine?
I ain't kiss on yours, you ain't kiss mine?
I guess you the only one hurt, like I don't miss
Ride a hand up your skirt, with my chromium purse
It's a lotta chicks out here lovin to flirt
You got my name in the streets, they just lovin the dirt
What? I ain't keep 88 in the linin?
Couldn't divide em only if I slide em straight grindin?
Moonshinin, get cake til dawn
Amnesia huh? I ain't take you on?
Shoppin spree to DC, order from Rodeo
Spit the credit card number only if I say so
Packin that pack in, packin that mack
You know what this is, why you actin like that?
[Chorus 1]
Well, it was your attitude, much too shrewd
Cuz you took me, now who's the fool
It was your attitude, much too shrewd
Cuz you took me, now who's the fool
Cuz all I had was love for you
And there is nothing more to do
Cuz I had a crazy, crazy, crazy love for bay, bay, bay, bay, baby
See, when you come home runnin
Don't come with that preachin respect
Cuz I ain't got no time for packin up your..
[Chorus 1]

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