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by Amias Davies


Sometimes Song Lyrics

Sometimes by Amias Davies

Sometimes I feel like am trapped from all reasons,
And all that surrounds me are my demons,
There are no free seasons,
Those all come from empty feelings,
And they all escaped from layered ceilings,
They wish no mutual dealings.
Sometimes I feel like am caged with spirits,
And they keep reading my lyrics,
Chained deep down with no visits,
And now they take back their minutes.
Sometimes I feel so mad,
And the negativity makes me sad,
Controls my life with no pad,
And reminisces on the feelings that I once had,
Should have added steel-clad,
They gained control with brad,
And in anger they will only add.
Sometimes I look up so high,
And I wish that I could fly,
But life is such a great lie,
Says bye before you begin to cry,
With no answer to your why,
And you sigh to the sky as you die.
Sometimes I get confined,
By all the people that made my heart blind,
They heard the beat and declined,
And now it sits there, bind,
I wish that I mined,
And it would be me that grind to find what’s lined,
Importance isn’t always combined,
It’s what we designed,
And we shall not leave it behind.

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