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by Amias Davies


Lost Song Lyrics

Lost by Amias Davies

Our past that we put ablaze,
Our choices that created ways,
Our heart that stays,
Our brain that will not chase,
The ones we abominate,
But memories never eliminate,
We will always incriminate,
But we will not stop to discriminate,
Our life has been abortive,
We were never supportive,
We all had a different motive,
Hate will always abrupt,
From it we will be corrupt,
The peace will be disrupt,
Our feelings will erupt,
We prepare but we abscond,
We forget our bond,
Even if it was so fond,
To hate we spawn,
And we never respond,
We have the choice to abstain,
But war will always chain,
It will drain even rain,
Burn it up for its gain,
And we lose sight of the lane,
We stain our self for peace we’ve slain.

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