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If I Had

by Amias Davies


If I Had Song Lyrics

If I Had by Amias Davies

Life is like a road,
You speed up too much and you might go off,
But if you’re too slow you might get overpassed,
So how do you live life,
By following others’ lives,
If life is a road then someone most have built it,
But does that mean that you can’t create your own.
Obstacles are like friends,
They come around you for their leisure and go when they want,
They only care about their life,
But they follow you to make theirs.
Money is the one thing that will turn a man,
Money will make you do anything,
An amount can make you justify a sin,
But you can’t be arsed to work for that amount,
You always have to look for an exit,
Will so am I
I’m tired of life.
Verse 1:
I’m tired of the unfair advantages given to them,
I’m tired being left out on my own when I go,
I’m tired of being treated like cr*p when I enter,
I’m tired of being left out,
I’m tired being ordered by doubt,
I’m tired of being unable to work,
I’m tired of coming back home with the same harm,
I’m tired of that belt,
I’m tired of the screaming that happens every time,
I’m tired of being left, hung to dry,
I’m tired of being thought out as a king,
Even when I’m treated like hell,
I’m tired of going over myself.
If I Had one million dollars,
I would buy anything I want and shove it on the world,
If I Had a genie I would wish for wishes that would come like they need me,
I would wish that they would believe me,
If I Had one last wish,
It’ll be to p**s on the sh*ts that treated me like sh*t.
Verse 2:
I’m tired of robbing from the same store,
I’m tired of being kicked to the damn floor,
I’m tired of going after the same old whore,
I’m tired of pretending not be poor,
I’m tired of being ignored,
I’m tired of begging so much for the lord,
I’m tired of not being able to afford a Ford,
I’m tired of not be able to pay the landlord,
I’m tired of being in the dark,
I’m tired of being stark,
I’m tired of not finding a word to explain life,
I’m tired of being kicked on,
I’m tired of being the one that’s gone,
I’m tired of not being the one,
I’m tired of being left out with nothing but some,
I’m tired of wearing the same sh*t,
I’m tired of walking outside because I get hit,
I’m tired of being bit,
I’m so tired that I can’t sit,
I’m tired of seeing a slit wrest,
I’m tired of not being able to use my fist.
I’m tired of seeing the lights,
I’m tired of not reaching the heights,
I’m tired of running from the fights,
I’m tired of wishing that everyone will drift away like kites.

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