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How-To Get Out Of Depression Lyrics

by Amias Davies


How-To Get Out Of Depression Song Lyrics

How-To Get Out Of Depression by Amias Davies

You feel disrespected,
You hate how they laugh,
They don’t get that you get affected,
You can’t go to staff,
You don’t want to be seen weak,
But you still hate to feel it,
They keep calling you a freak,
When you talk you get hit,
You get rejected when you get up,
You feel overruled by those demons,
You want them to stop,
But you don’t know what to do,
Well I was in that situation too,
All you have to is find the right crew,
Someone who can support you,
Someone who cares about what happens,
Yes it will be hard,
But it’s not impossible,
You’re going to have to lower your guard
Soon so that it can be possible,
People will always be hostile,
But if you don’t care about what they say,
And do your own style,
There will be a time when they will ask you to pay,
And don’t you say may,
It will even if you don’t get to play,
You have to have the last laugh,
Create your own way,
Ignore the laughs of the demons,
You can’t fall in depression,
Fight the words with meanings,
Start your own session,
Look at your own expression
Ask yourself one question,
Are you really going to be sad to please their aggression?
Or is your life going to be your own possession?

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