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by Amias Davies


Hero Song Lyrics

Hero by Amias Davies

Imagine if there was a hero out there,
Saving the people who at the abyss they stare,
Saving the people that are unable to shoot a flare,
Saving the people who are in the lion's lair,
Saving the broken, unable to climb a stair,
Saving the ones can't stop one tear,
Saving the people who are locked up in a scare,
Saving the ones boxed up in a square,
Saving the ones that have no one that will care,
Saving the ones lost with nowhere,
Saving the ones who have no heir,
Saving the ones who rip their own hair,
Saving the people with no one to spare,
Saving the people to make them aware,
Saving the people to make them bare,
Saving the people and turn them to a bear,
Saving the people who can only glare.
Imagine if that hero can make them smile,
Changing the people who are hostile,
Changing the people with one file,
Changing the people with no style,
Changing the ones fighting over a isle,
Changing the ones who give up on the trial,
Changing the life and make it worthwhile,
Changing not one but a pile,
Changing the people and make them dial,
Changing the nations and make them compile,
Changing the people and stopping revile,
Changing the people and make them versatile.
Imagine that you are that hero,
You can make that dream from zero,
You can change into that biro,
You're the ink that changes tomorrow,
Not alone, and you are not to borrow,
You can stop the sorrow. 

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