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Depressed Lyrics

by Amias Davies


Depressed Song Lyrics

Depressed by Amias Davies

Verse 1:
You sit on your own feeling unhappy,
Upset about the definition of your life, cr*ppy,
Wanting to be scr*ppy,
Looking for an alley,
You feel a sore that’s angry,
Everyone around you is chatty,
Getting tired of being called fatty,
Can only be picked by a taxi,
Angry at your family,
They’re trying to fill you with insanity,
They want you to agree to losing your humanity,
As they fill you with agony,
You try to escape anxiously,
But all you can think of is the balcony,
You stare at the galaxy,
You cry with a memory,
You regain your sanity, the irony.
Verse 2:
You stand there miserable,
Feeling invisible,
Thoughts of being a criminal,
Drinking what’s drinkable,
Sick of being named an imbecile,
Trying to be lyrical,
Hating the word pitiful,
You hate the principal,
You hate the principle,
Wanting to be visible,
Depressed is the you typical,
Life gets critical,
You become fictional,
Hoping for a miracle,
You start to look for what’s missable,
You become invincible,
You feel incredible,
And you are no longer predictable.
Verse 3:
You are no longer dejected,
You stand corrected,
You become detected,
You are no longer directed
By the heart that’s affected,
Your future is being reflected,
You are no longer rejected,
You feel respected,
You become selected.
Remember that your life can be perfected,
You just have to stay connected,
And your success will be projected.

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