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Altered Aeon - Behind The Lodge Door lyrics

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Behind The Lodge Door by Altered Aeon

Time for initiation
The origin of all to be -
From now on the lodge shall be your eyes
Your thoughts, your very self
A string in the web you shall become
The will of the lodge be done
Weaved inside...
An agenda of lies
An order financed to divide and rule
Behind the door of the lodge
They weaved this web called world
Where supremacy is secured
Behind the lodge door
Blindfold removed, stare into the halls of the lodge
Initiate, you shall be our instrument of choice
The acts grotesque, you qualified and kneeled
Now the agenda of aeons shall be revealed
Embrace the death symbolism in our design
For it explains the essence of what we are
Generation after generation we lead to their graves
Devoid of knowledge, sculpted for slavery
All devoid of meaning, devoid of will
Feed the masses with culture, devoid of value
Take one step further and you will see
Here lies the scripts obscured
All we kept from the outside world
To keep our domination secured
Behind the lodge door
(Script excerpt:
Nothing ever dies
It just changes form
As every phase in life, ever-changing)

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