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Your Favorite Rapper

by Alley Boy


Your Favorite Rapper Song Text

Your Favorite Rapper by Alley Boy

Yeah your favorite rapper's a damn lie
Sneak slyin nigga boy I testify
Gotta see you nigga count before
It ain't no way we could be friends...
It ain't gonna be a pretty bitch I swear to God my nigga
I... real silent killer you won't hear my nigga
Blood thirst in the pack like a...
You nigga free bitch I can smell the bitch and the...
Here's the bullet boys nigga digging diamonds and...
Nigga don't step nigga didn't think I come
I'll have a bottle with friends who betray the Judas
I got a real trap hell runs... the shooters
You think there's lie to their teeth
... so we gonna ride in the street...
Religion one crack epidemic
You rappers all get me and throwin all twin me
This ain't no pull the crib bitch ey
This ain't no... bitch ey
The niggas lying their... shit
When I throw down he gonna hit it shit

Your favorite rapper's a damn lie x 8

Your favorite rapper's a damn lie
You can double check this record that I stand by
I really see if you've been painful as blood ties
He blood, he blood out and a blood out
Red cross blue shill, blue still nigga
Gun fighting if you aint' there be still nigga
And who is you to ever question who's a real nigga
You never been you never watch you never real nigga
Huh, but mama's jagging
01 the only hits I had then was a news run
Drop grounding let you hear just how to do slung
The shot the video and eyes by my dope from
... by graphical, yeah and... flows lines and rappers too
Tell me what the fuck I got the proof
To a mother fucker when nothing to lose
Never been chick ever

Your favorite rapper's a damn lie x 8

Just go out to run nigga I got tools for dues
Fuck your labels deals bitch we won't tend meal for school
Your nigga pussy in the streets Hollywood they start
Your favorite rap bills get me and nigga see who you are
But if I say oh my hater got the image of fool
No niggas use to fuck with em say you use to be cool
... for the main day moon
I'ma chest... his best nice got real tools cool
But I hypnotize you see the greed in my eyes
I'm from the streets where ease of money be the really... die
But I got real trust issues I don't fuck with these niggas
I do the... all around me
He ain't gonna... burn slow, burn money
Answer slow label... niggas remind me for
Anything is on my wrist bitch please rap the... from jewels
He the... on their feet some bitch nigga

2 x Hook:
Your favorite rapper's a damn lie x 8

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