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by Alley Boy


Celebration Song Lyrics

Celebration by Alley Boy

Man a kite, hell a fight
If he turn up

It's a celebration?
All the white tell the Marty man
Three mollies, two b**ches,
That's a celebration
If you sh*tty, won't get no chick
My nigga puddings don't get big balls
All the b**ches on me, it's ok
Come on!
It's a celebration!
It's a celebration!

Glitter box in my mouth
It's a celebration!
Hundred bands on a nigga
No levitation
Need a bullet in the trap?
No reservation
Still strapped, even though
I'm on probation
Real A time done
Nigga, go and face it
New king getting out
But I'm underrated
Big pills in my head, nigga
Know (???)
Big shots out they block, nigga celebrating
Word out, and they got no patience
Lot of nigga reminisce,
Cause they ain't make it
These niggas switching up
Alley ain't changing
Got a hundred in a week,
Just celebrating


Get money, b**ch is robbin' and she gotta pay sh*t
Good girl gone b**ch from the late 80'
Got a slim white b**ch that tryna act shady
Always scrat the protein with a 3-80
Celebrating, money making
This a million dolla dick, b**ch, act crazy
Blood, nigga, bang gazelle, goin' crazy
Ain't nobody run into the many being lazy
f**k cake, nigga, this a celebration
Rob b**ch, it wadn't me, it's elimination
Fifty inches in her ass, she out celebratin'

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