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Alice Peacock - I'll start with me lyrics

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I'll start with me by Alice Peacock

Well we do okay with the things God gave us
Will it be enough when it's time to save us
One in three can't read
So many mouths to feed
We just sit and wait like a loaded gun
We cloak ourselves in the great tradition
The United States of Acquisition
Every man for himself
Me and no one else
Will we ever learn there's a price to pay
America the free
Wake up from your fantasy
Is the nation so divided we can't see
That there's work to be done
Something there for everyone, I know...I'll start with me
6 o'clock it's another story
Gunman down in a blaze of glory
Only ten years old
Make's my blood run cold
And the press descends like birds of prey
Politicians stay in office
Far too long to vote their conscience
Lobbied, bought and sold
Trading votes for gold
They've forgotten that they work for us
For the beast to stay alive it has to feed
That's why in times of peace
They create an enemy
What we called the Big Red Scare is just my neighbor over there
With hopes and dreams
The same as me
The same as me

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