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Tomorrow Lyrics

by Alice In Darkland


Tomorrow Song Lyrics

Tomorrow by Alice In Darkland

It's half past 4 and I've just got out of bed
It got wild last night and now it's burning through my head
I woke up fully dressed with my make up still on
Trying to remember what the hell I've done

This major anxiety came creeping cross my chest
It takes away my energy and leaving me depressed
The price keeps getting higher and the consequences too
And my imagination is running out of things to do

I'll shape it up
I'll start freshin the morning
I won't screw up
I've got my last warning
Tomorrow is a bran' new day
And everything will be ok

I'll straighten out
I will get it together
There's not doubts
I've been under the weather
Tomorrow's got bran' new sound
And everything will turn around
I guess, I think I know
I don't wanna feel this low

That long lost love's been an illusion all along
They say what doesn't kill you is suppose to make you strong
But I've been on the edge and I've been falling down the hill
And picking up speed feels like time stands still

I'm drained of inspiration and I'm running out of fuel
I've had this conversation since I graduated school
I've been told I'm just a dreamer with unrealistic goals
That I can't face reality cause I ain't got the balls

I will be good, I'll start tomorrow
Just like it should, there'll be no sorrow
I will be fucking amazing and I'll do it with class

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