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by Alcoholocaust


Self-Medicating Song Lyrics

Self-Medicating by Alcoholocaust

I get drunk - everyday - and it's all just for fun - I take a sip and then I - take a chug and then I - slam that whole damn thing down - then I bump up a little bit - tune into my senses -and I'm acting like a clown - then the smoke starts a'risin' - and I go to a smile and - floatin' six feet above the ground -- I'm self-medicating - and it's all for fun - makin' my mama proud - I make good decisions to shine like a star - at the bottom of a whiskey jar - I'm waiting for jesus, and pure peace of mind - until then I'll do all I can find - I'm self-medicated, pure jubilated - I'm just too high to have a clue -- grand master plan's in motion - and I got the notion - 'cuz 4:20's gettin near - so I grab me a cold one - pop the top wide open - here's to you, my best friend beer! - when I go it's full throttle - love jack daniel's in a bottle - I've got two missions left to do - beer by blood won't fix it - what I need is narcotics - I've got some skills to abuse -- chorus -- I'm just a victim of circumstance - if it's there, I'll soon be gone - I like myself better when I'm high - is that so wrong? - don't sit and judge me 'cuz you don't know me at all - you can go and f**k yourself - you can go to hell - well, I've got some anger issues - I've got to deal with, so I'm...

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