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Here All Alone Pt. 3 Lyrics

by Aj Mclean


Here All Alone Pt. 3 Song Lyrics

Here All Alone Pt. 3 by Aj Mclean

Why did it take so long for me to realize
That you weren't there for me the way I was for you but those eyes
They captured me more than twice
Why didn't I see the signs

You used to say that I was worth your time
To think I fell for you the things you put me through
I was blind but you
Caught my eye by surprise
Maybe I should've thought twice

Oh I'm not alone
I'm over the fact that you're gone
And I'll say these words
But not just once
You're overplayed
Don't' need your touch
I'm not alone but you probably are

What happened to I wouldn't miss it for the world
And all the things you said I wish I never read so much into those words
And Yes I'll admit I fell for it fake promises now I regret all that I said
To you and now I'm left but here I am again I'm sayin

Oh just know that I'm not alone
And oh, yes I wanted you to go
And oh don't wanna hurt anymore

So I'll say these words
And not just twice your overplayed
Don't need your touch
But enough about you cause that's all you are
So look at me, I ain't your star
I'm not alone but you probably are

Maybe there's a reason
Why I always go through this routine
Love me leave me hangin on a thin string

And maybe there's a motive
Behind all those tricks you played on me
Sorry it sounds harsh but I'm speaking truthfully

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