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Music Video

Keep The Faith

by Aisha


Keep The Faith Song Text

Keep The Faith by Aisha

Verse 1:

Life can make you cry
Through the struggles
You wonder why
Why things have to be so tough
In those moments when you've had enough
Why did I have to go through this
There's got to be more to life than this
Many times you ask yourself why
Especially the days you want to cry
Like today
It seems to be center the of your existence
Questions that hound you with persistence
But a life without faith
Is one filled with fear
Being that way won't get you anywhere

Don't give into hate
Keep the faith
You can't let go
Cause you never know
You can't stop living
Cause there is life in giving
Through your pain
Someone will love again
Keep the faith

Verse 2:

God is there for you
And He cares for you
Open your eyes
Then you'll realize
You don't need to be afraid
Through it all he stayed
God is the One who brought you through
And He loves you

Repeat chorus

One day things will be better
It won't be this way forever

Repeat chorus

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