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A Hill To Die Upon - Prometheus Rebound lyrics

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Prometheus Rebound by A Hill To Die Upon

[Music by Adam Cook; lyrics by Michael Cook]
["Be what it is my destiny to be,
The saviour and strength of suffering man,
Or sink into the original gulf of things:
There is no agony, and no solace;
Earth can console, Heaven can torment me no more."
- Percy Shelley, Prometheus Unbound
Prometheus Unbound was the most inspiring of A Hill to Die Upon's lyrics to write.
After reading though Shelley's Prometheus Unbound and his notes, it seemed necessary to write Prometheus Rebound.
The change to Rebound comes from the rejection of the popular Byronic opinion that Prometheus is a Satanic mirror image and a symbol of rebellion against 'the gods.'
The Titan and Nazarene, the immortal and immortal, God and demigod, share more than they contrast.
It is with clay and blood in which we are made.
We are the Promethean sons, let us not waste this immortality.]
No sleep, no dreams, no making mankind's peace
The furies for company and the rejection of that infinity
Abomination of my clay brothers...
We are the mud and filth of this earth
Of what we can or would become
This likeness is what we are
Artist of my clay spirit
I am the reclaimed fallen son
Of what we can or would die to see:
A fire in the hearts of men
In blackest day of generations
My end is to end as the dead
We dead Promethean sons
End of the dead
"Titans, Behold your God!"
Bow before the potter's Son
My end is to end as the dead
Promethean child!
"Titans, Behold you God!"
He canst become no clearer
God of all, star inwoven
He hast love beyond!
"Champion of heaven's slaves"
Oblivion Son
We canst grieve no more...
Io! Barest of love
Oblivion soul
We canst bare no more...

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