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Pill driven

by Aggro-Fate


Pill driven Song Lyrics

Pill driven by Aggro-Fate

(chorus)Force me to believe
cant explain what has happened to me
Sell me a dream
give me something to hope for
Pill Driven Society
Hollow out my inner being
What caused this nosebleed
there isnt a cure for me

Stranger to myself from recommended help
i am so empty,drained of all of my true feelings
capsules full of false emotions
cleanse my mind and fill them with your ideal
control me and manipulate how i feel

Instant joy,prescripted smiles
medication to end frustration
turn to pills to solve our problems cause we are to scared to face them
how much do you think happiness cost
how much to gain back everything i've lost
Up my dose and
Take away what i cherish the most...Up My dose x 6

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