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Agans Craig - Displaced Revolutionary Blues lyrics

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Displaced Revolutionary Blues by Agans Craig

Once I heard a man, talkin' mostly to himself
tellin' tales he'd heard around the world
He said, "Son you'll see your big time, and you'll fight your boxing
and there's always gonna be that fish that you didn't catch.."
However far your ventures lead you
however far your fences stretch
There's something that keeps callin' you back
No matter how much it decides you, it's something deep inside of you
Somethin' beggin' to be cut some slack..
It seems I go, where I don't expect
should I have made a right when I made a left?
It seems I go, where I must perfect
a bigger system, that's got a bigger defect..
They're displaced revolutionaries and a captive audience
They have seen what's never been done before
If there are castle dragons they can't respect to the least degree
then they'll find it forced upon them more and more
I've seen them wanderin' on the road, they're dreamin' of somewhere else
from the old school they've learned to hate their ways
Living future memories, the best that they can crawl
and hating everybodies latest craze..
From the most crazy aspirations come the most noble philosophies
but see which one will get you anywhere
The shadow prince you walk behind, has lost his crowning jewel
and now it's you alone just standing there..

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