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Adam Lyrics

Adult Mom


Adam Song Lyrics

Adam by Adult Mom

In the car with Adam on the last day of the tour
We talk about rebuilding our childhoods latches pulled off of the doors
I thought about the first girl I kissed was a girl I wanted to kiss
But not the first girl I wanted to kiss, ya know?

We were barefoot in the mudpath on the backside of the house
If I was a little older I'd hold your hand and not feel any doubt
I think about the time that I missed being a kid feeling like this
Feeling like I was in an abyss right now

I think about myself making lists of how I'm sh*t
God I can be so relentless
But at least I'm not afraid anymore I think
And I'm dancing in the light with my friends
While "I Will Survive" plays over the P.A
And I look across the room

I see the girl I want to kiss
But I'm not sure if she wants to kiss
But at least I can ask without feeling like sh*t

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