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Addiction Crew - Shall Rise lyrics

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Shall Rise by Addiction Crew

[Music & Lyrics by S. Guadagnoli]
Can you reach my hand, I reckon you may need
I know you felt as I'm feeling now
Falling to rise
Just get me in
And I don't know how
Someday the feeling goes that bad
I'm full enough
I saw you close to another girl
And givin' her my chance
She wasn't what you guess
You bound me to stand against the wall and
I keep on dream isn't wrong
Keep on dream isn't wrong
But I connect n' do realize
I'm falling from grace......and when it's over
Shall rise I little bit higher
I care a lot of things smaller than you care
So I'm not like this...Break
Shall rise I little bit stronger
Much more than all of your damn anger pushed to me
I'm not like this
And I don't know why
Can't you simply be your self
I'm not fake
Went to my place on a brand new car
Stolen in the morning
(That's true)
You bug me up and I would tell ya
Come on
There's no more club or show that I'd go to with you and your silly friends
I'm falling from grace......and when it's overwait I never meant to hurt you
Girl, I've done for you
Hey, no more lies
I'm gonna be my self
Why you fuckin' want me to be like that?
Why you really want me?
Falling to rise, it's over

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