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Ad Astra Per Aspera - The Romantic One lyrics

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The Romantic One by Ad Astra Per Aspera

I believe you. we believe you, now.
we're learning the pace.
we're learning the pace.
it's a step, balance, a set back,
now step, balance, step back, restrain.
there's a man we know.
we see him. we froze.
we stab at the dark. we rebuild the ark.
but nothing can save us
we spent all our money on fortune replaced.
pardon me I hate to bother but
can we please stop i'd like to change.
fixing a problem, attach the blame.
establish motive, submit a name.
i've been thinking in angles.
i've been speaking in shades.
i've been tasting the sounds we found.
too afraid.
i hate to scream about abstractions
i dont believe.
so life me from below and hangm e up
on the palm-wood gallows.
we said it all. we set it up

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