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Action Bronson - Accoutrements lyrics

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Accoutrements by Action Bronson

Need some paper? A pencil?
Cut the oysters
Get the little mignette
Get the mignonette
Fil-ee, filet mignon
Ain’t that a b**ch? Uh, f**k, yo
Tilt the goblet, steerin’ in the middle of the cockpit
Spanish b**ch displayed up with some ostrich
Quinceañera free dancin’
Grand Hills laced up with the X Helly Hansen
Foggy night, hustle till the sun up, stumble in synonymous
f**k around, found your leg by The [?] bridge
Over do it, send your penis to your momma crib
That’s what happens when you open your vagina lips
Only focused on the mergers and acquisitions
Commas on the counts, robbin’ ’em like [?]
Well you don’t want no problems, I got the awkward lungs
Andrea Bocelli hit the telly, lift my belly
Cover up the [?]
Baby there’s no mistakin’
My life is [?], sophisticated ballad
Sweet sour salty spicy [?] mami
We eatin’ oysters off of diamonds in Hawaii
With three (*Moan*) that play ball for the liberty
Finish my second joint, I’m lightin’ up the trilogy
Like [?] Honda when he f**kin’ up the Lexus
[?], baby it’s all about accoutrements, yeah
Money, chap, I lost my everything
Got nothing left so I pity
I am, everybody’s nobody all night long
Holy sh*t (*Applause*)
You guys did a beautiful job
May I ask if we could have another number?
It seems like something that should be played
You guys good

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