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Mamacita Lyrics

by Acrid Semblance


Mamacita Song Lyrics

Mamacita by Acrid Semblance

She's got a foxy smile
But I better warn ya
She's the straightest lady
In the state of California
They raised her by the Book
And reads on page one
Senoritas they don't make love for fun
It just ain't done
Let me tell you 'bout

Ma-ma-ma Mamacita
She'll break your heart when you meet her
She's so sweet you could eat her
Ma-ma-ma Mamacita

I dream about those cherry lips
That never been tasted
And it just tears me apart
To think? been wasted
She's saving all her love
Ain't giving none away
Senoritas they never shout olé
Till their wedding day
Come and help me now


I'm gonna say "I do"
And when we get a?
We gonna watch the kids
Come one by one by one by one by one by one by one
Two three four

(Chorus x 2)

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