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The Mindscraping Multitude

by Abysmalia


The Mindscraping Multitude Song Lyrics

The Mindscraping Multitude by Abysmalia

It comes with the waves, beyond the tedious magnifying lenses
Shadowed by yet another doubt to compromise the safety of mind
Inebriated by the currents of thought, the shattered faith
Rebuilt under pressure while all the choices appeared untimed

Prone to disgust, ascetic devotion to depression and rage
How long do I need to confide in myself to be saved?
The road narrows and confinements to life are deranged and depraved

Disapproved identity, the delirious hand extends throughout
All the red, blue, black, green and pink pills are helping through the day
Flush down memories of perennial neglection and the forsaken doubt
The voice of no reason demands to follow the exit way

Eluding the obvious reasons will shackle me in the naked hall
The war within these wounds is fighting over a long lost cause
Where no mind dares to tread unless the glass is once more full

Blindfold eyes will realize all these lies
War will rise

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