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Coma Recurring

by Abysmalia


Coma Recurring Song Lyrics

Coma Recurring by Abysmalia

Trapped inside a neurotic shell of oblivious coldness
Introverted in an existential void of timelessness
Yielding into self-abusive madness as a scenario (all emotions escalate)
Shackled by the vultures of treason, Horus will dialate

Trapped inside the dimming edges of psychotic illusions
Immeasurable endeavours in vain, shipwrecked on the sea of delusions
Conflicts re-penetrate the consciousness, saturated with guilt and disgust
Cognitions in denial, the truth set me in a personal... hell

They all lie to you... straight in the face
They're all against you

And I know that all I do, I do for you
There's no (other) place to gaze
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Psychosomatic hell

Trapped inside a coma
Here's no pain at all
Trapped inside a coma
There's nothing at all

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