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Absurd Minds - Creators lyrics

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Creators by Absurd Minds

Long ago we were a perfect being, so we fall into
Deep spheres, so-called dreams. we had to find out
What it means
To be the one of superior thing.
You are the process,
We are the children.
You are the stage, we are the
We are creators as well we are created
We are the father, the same time we are the
We are the actors, you are the stage.
Our self is
What we recreate.
The way we think has created our
Life. we are the total
Of everything we've ever
Let's learn the art of dreaming.
Let's have a
Nice dream and be the one
Or the other thing.
They live to earn. you live to feed them.
You believe everything they say.
You smile. they lie. they try to dull you.
Now you are caught on their channels.
Truth will die.
They form your opinion. it cannot be denied.
These are the men who pull the strings.
They win without the fight.
They demonstrate their absolute power.
Their task is to confuse you all your life.
They live to earn. you live to get your brain washed.
You need their fucking lies.
The aim is to dull your mind.
Their minds turn to words crawling in your ears
And turn to minds again.
They feed you with news. it poisons your soul.
You see, you hear, you feel, you smell their control.
Another chance lost.
You can't switch off to oppose their might.
Now you have to wait for the closedown.

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