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Hellfire Armada Lyrics

by Abominator


Hellfire Armada Song Lyrics

Hellfire Armada by Abominator

The ocean is boiling, in spite of the black dawn
The silvery gleam of destroyers, conjures the terror of the hellfire storm
Advance with all cannons blazing signifying our arrival
Leave no shore unassailed, we enforce this fight for survival

Machiavellian order, exterminate, the feeble race,
Expelled from the earth with hate!
Approaching the land, the first wave of panzers,
Civilian shellings, reduced to a global wasteland

Echelons of the infernal world, direct the evil living dead
Torching the banner of peace, to spirit wars we are dead,
Balance tipped once and for all to a new world scarce and brave
Religions and systems burnt forever, and no one left worth being saved

Wanton destruction upon the earth plain
No dreadnought could ravage our resolve
The armada's formation shall neutralize all deterrents
As the end comes from the sea, Waves of blood and oil prevalent

Obsessed horders rise, destroy this world of lies

Devilish mass psychosis, swelling genocidal intentions
Entranced by oceans of blood, activate the unholy intervention

Indignified infantilism, blessed us this tragic verdict
Legions of untimely demise, raise the gavel of tectonic order
Atomic detonations, the hand of evil in such devastating form
The world stops turning, it's axis lifted by tumultuous firestorms

The world is relinquished, the final bombardment is done
Rejoice this tribulation, hellfire armada has won!

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