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Desolate Feast Lyrics

by Abominator


Desolate Feast Song Lyrics

Desolate Feast by Abominator

Dragged by demon vultures, uphold the wrath of god
The fallen shall dissolve into a molten stream
Rising upheaval on earth, all hell gathers
Come forth to reclaim, the apocalypse shall redeem

Isolated souls, sorrow
Expelled to the chaos, war!
Entering hades, punishment abode
Desolating warfare, spirits now implode
Tortured on the rack, reanimation
Sorcerer casts your subconcious degradation

Desolate feast of forsaken flesh
Abandoned on voracious altars
Satanas renders you deceased
Desolate feast!

Enslaved, the masses in spiritual turbulence
Satanas shows your wretched being no tolerance

Lies on the throne of the beast

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