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Abominator - Desecrator Of Sanctuary lyrics

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Desecrator Of Sanctuary by Abominator

Behold your crumbling temple, the ark is now defiled
Gnostic rise, evanescent cries, all must die!
Enter the hammer, bloodthirsty pillager, sacramental barbarism
Stone excalibur, set upon the church, a cardinal catalysm
We are warriors from a sect of forgotten heathen grandeur
For now we must dwell in infamy and sin
Hellish onslaught, monuments erased, decimated altar of false sermons
Enigmatic successors, inferior oppressors
Come forth to rectify with the bludgeons attack
From discontent we reclaim our destiny
Toburn the rightfully spurned, seeded by hate
Strike the earth with our venomous talons
A fiery line between sanctification and sin
Engraving the new law of defilement, seized from smouldering ruins
Ark of gold molten for embezzlement, may the devil charge forth
Tremendous fall, priest's head nailed to the wall
We charge through the gates, sworn to desecrate
Leaving the scarred remains, a communion in flames
Catatonic hammer, this prophecy of punishment
Unbound in many a tarnished age
Desecrator of sanctuary
Behold your frivolous ornaments, reduced to scattered nothingness
A graveyard now accumulates where superfluous structures once stood
Congregation flees in terror, engulfed in burning drapes
Obscene harmonies of the choir, shrieking in dismay
Mercy killing, douse with acidic words and sulfurous flames
Cursing the cross, trample and burn
Besiege all temples with sempiternal hatred
Inverted mission, vengeful perdition, the christian fools now flagellated

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