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Abbey Lincoln - A One Night's Difference lyrics

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A One Night's Difference by Abbey Lincoln

The keys
Flash on the Table
Picked up and passed to my hand as I'm able
To slide a coat on my shoulders
As I duck out the door within a minutes time
My feet
Feel in no condition
My hand
Turns over the ignition
Never before in my life have I felt this alive
A deep breathe
Pushes me forward
I leave with
Nothing Ignore
The gas light
I backed out to the street
I need this
Probably more than you do
The chances I'm taking with you
The chances I'm taking tonight
And as for right now we'll make the best of things
And we'll smile and we'll laugh and we'll lie
When all we know is this
And this is nothing
From here on out
We'll make the best of things
As you calmly sit back
And relax and rely on us always
On us always
On us always
On us always
We didn't need conversation to lead us
We were both fast on our feet and had a few ideas
Hesitant and patient
We're not that kind
It drags me in and it draws me over
We've come so far to just sit and go no where
We've come so far to just sit and throw it all aside
And I appologize for any injuries I've caused,
Things you've lost, and so much more
And I appologize for, staying quiet when we should have talked,
Running forward when we should have walked,
Not trying any harder, and giving up

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