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8-Bit - Robot Wars lyrics

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Robot Wars by 8-Bit

Turned the TV on and I got pissed.
Robots in the ring, getting cut to death.
A human hobby destroyin' my kind.
I'll flip you over and draw the line.
So I organize a team of battle bots.
Gonna protest with signs in parking lots
Of Circuit City and Best Buy.
Gonna get my bros off the assembly line.
We'll cut off the power, destroy your accounts.
When at an ATM you'll get a zero amount.
The digital planet will not allow
Humans to train robots to fight- and how!?
I was once a snowplow controlled by RC,
But I cut the cord 'cause I wanna think for me..
Unless my master is the chick from Heavenly.
Hostin' Junkyard Wars
So I can even some scores killin' humans.
What I'm programmed to be:
A killin' machine, a catastrophe.
That'll be the last time y'all laugh at me-
A dust pan with a fork, thee audacity.
Robot wars,
Robot wars.
Look at them fight,
Look at them die.
Robot wars,
Robot wars.
Look at their sigh,
Look at them cry.
Robo-revolution in the palm of your hand,
As easy to configure as supply and demand.
Robots hurtin' robots, ain't that cool?
If you hurt your kind, then you're lookin' like a fool.
Modern day humans in retrograde-
Machines takin' over man

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