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I Say, You Tell

by 88 Miles Per Hour


I Say, You Tell Song Lyrics

I Say, You Tell by 88 Miles Per Hour

You say "it's no big deal", then why am i so taut?
You tell me to cool down
It takes a fool to project when he is right, right?
I've calmed down, thanks a lot

So what am i still doing here with you?
Should have been in bed hours ago,
But i can't go through, i won't go through

Sleep tight knowing that someone hates you, but can't escape you tonight
I promised i would not let this overtake me
You're right because i don't want to do this
You say "don't worry, it happens to everyone"

I say "these eyes will be the end of me"
The end of what? a stupid boy who doesn't know what he wants?
Takes a foolish person to say those things
Takes an even bigger one to sit back and accept them

Passion, compassion
I'm not sure which one i'm feeling now
Take me home i've been understanding too long
I'm done with you

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