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Confessions Of Confusion Lyrics

Artist: 88 Miles Per Hour


Confessions Of Confusion Lyrics

Confessions Of Confusion by 88 Miles Per Hour

I confess
So it's all my fault, i felt the water and it was too much for my liking
So it's all your fault, you pushed me and i can't recover cuz it's staining me away

You'll be sorry when i'm shaking
What will be your face? a smile?
A tear for every single fear you're not feeling now?

Righteous eyes don't even compare to a self-righteous heart
You turned around and i was gone, you weren't waiting very long
Who will save me now?

I'm so stupid
Why can't i stop beating myself up with these thoughts?
They're unclean, not what you've made for me
I'm so much more, i have to be so much more
I just can't get around you're even more
Please God save me now

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