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American Standard

by 88 Miles Per Hour


American Standard Song Lyrics

American Standard by 88 Miles Per Hour

Wake up in your american bed
Where you rest your american head
Start your car that's american made
Off to work for your american wage
Climb the corporate american ladder
To make your wallet american fatter
It doesn't matter who you step on along the way
Cuz in america that's the american way

Live to be rich
Die to be free
That's the only way it's ever gonna be
Living it up while falling down
As long as you're wearing your american crown

Wake up it's off to american school
Where you follow all the american rules
Got to get the american grade
If you want to pass the test you have to go to college
To be your american best
And if you really want to be all that
You can be you can join the ranks of the american army
Molded into cannon fodder for the government democracy
What a joke the great ameri-can't

Coming of age realizing the faults
Don't want to be slaves just individuals
I don't need your system or your pots of gold
There's no way I'll ever be an american mold

Something's got to be done to bring down this tyranny
Organized manipulation pleads insanity
If you are with me then just join me and my plea
Instead of voting for america vote anarchy

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