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76% Uncertain - Blip Culture lyrics

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Blip Culture by 76% Uncertain

Save me from deep thought, gimme a show
Hold the insight, just an opinion to go
Don't confuse me with details or bore me with facts
Skip over the hard parts, gotta learn to relax
Life as a series of 15 second spots
A miracle baby and another space shot
Blip ??“ it's so shocking and so sad
No purchase necessary, no salesman will call
Your complete family tree on a plaque for your wall
Remote channel changer inlaid with mother of pearl
I gave you ten minutes, now give me the world
The thickest thick, the richest rich
The softest soft, the whitest white
Call a press conference and blow your brains out
The gun that sticks to the roof of your mouth
The same old story, like it's never been told
Someone else's bones shaking out in the cold

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