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4th25 - Pussy lyrics

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Pussy by 4th25

Yeah your parents gave birth to a son
But they raised a daughter
And if you was mine
I'd be ashamed to have been your father
And you can talk all the shit you want
But I've seen you at your worst
And you stayed there the whole time
So you gotta whole lotta nerve
Talking bout his problems
And you couldn't even deal with yours
Runnin your mouth like you wasn't being a
Bitch the whole tour
And I've had my short cummings
But I reeled in the slack
When you allowed the pussy in you
To keep coming back
And you have to a noticed it
It was more than obvious
Cause the relationship
Yall shared out here was managomous
And I've tried to ignore
But your just so loud
Thought your actions might humble you
But you wont quiet down
Its like you don't even see it
Either that or you don't show it
But you the biggest pussy out here
And everybody else knows it
Lie to yourself though
If that's how you get over it
I know we all holdin our breathe
But how long you gon hold it
Don't act hard
Cause pussy's only get wet
And we've been waitin the whole year
And you aint been a man yet
And I know its hard to admit it
Cause the truth it hurts
That you aint deploy with no balls
Only halter tops and skirts
And your conscious got to be killin you
And don't know how you handle it
Other than closing your eyes
And acting like it aint happening
Maybe that's why
You judging everybody else
Cause you want em to feel
Exactly how you feel about yourself pussy
You so quick to point the finger
But you don't look in the mirror
Cause you don't wanna understand
That word pussy any clearer
And how could you pretend
To see anything else
When the only thing you've been about
Since day one here was yourself
And as long as your breathin
It'll be more excuses
And a million more reasons why
Somebody else should do it
And though you folded your hand
You act like you still playin
But you always found wanting
Everytime you are weighed in
And it really don't bother me
Cause we'll carry your weight
We've done it from day one
Whats 364 more days
And all I ask is one favor
And it aint that much
Take a closer look at yourself
For you size anybody up
Cause you aint left no room at all
To open your mouth and talk
Remember we seen you out the gate
You wont even get out the truck
Your courage is more than underfire
Its never enough
Cause the closest you came to standin out here
Was when you bitched up
It's a whole lot a fuckers here
Probably too many
That's even worse than anybody talking shit
That's been a pussy
And its hard for me to understand
Though I understand scared
But some of the purple hearts
And bronze stars awarded round here
Now how the fuck did yall get that
Cause you aint do shit
Look I was there when marion went down
And you aint get hit
And if I recall you aint bleed at all
He almost lost a limb
Now how the fuck do you deserve
The same purple heart as him
And when they presented you with it
You accepted it proudly
And if I ever see you wearing it
Oh its coming the fuck off don't doubt me
And its more people than you
Runnin round here undeservant
So I apologize for all you fuckers
Awarded for lip service
Cause yall ed never tell the truth
Im here to keep you honest
That without your rank
These awards you wouldn't a gottem
And you talk about integrity
But wont admit that its wrong
For you to accept something
When you have done absolutely nothing at all

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