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All Along

by 3 Piece


All Along Song Text

All Along by 3 Piece

Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true
And I wish that I was still with you.
All that has crumbled I guess it didn't work
Well I guess that I'm still a jerk.
Yet I still think of you every night and day
It don't seem right since you went away
Like a missing puzzle piece I know I'll never find
Pretty sure that I was right.

All Along, with everything that I said.
All Along, can you get that through your head?
All Along, did I do one thing wrong?
All Along, I still tried to be your friend.

How'd you deal with my stupid shit every stupid day?
Some how we got through it every stupid way.
We could talk for hours and hang out now and then,
But in the end were still friends,
Guess it was for the best, I couldn't joke no more
Anything I said would make you hate me more
You were right and I was wrong unless we'd always fight
But I'm pretty sure that I was right

Chorus 3x

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