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Wheres Da Bud Lyrics

by 36 Mafia


Wheres Da Bud Song Lyrics

Wheres Da Bud by 36 Mafia

I felt the need for the weed
The smoke of game
They set the cheese
Just for me
The (? ) p-urity
The B to the U
Da da da D
The weed
Get me shotgun
Oh please
Oh please
Not chicken feet
The chicken weed
Pick out the seeds
The heat is hittin' me
Me need to cruise we gotta have it
Don't want to cabbage
We hate that babbage
Like savage
We we we wanna
The marijuana
Oh we gonners
Yo man I'm gonna
Go round the corner
Get right on ah ah ah ah sack
I need contact I need it bad
Some wackiness
Just just like that gon' crack yo neck
We weed a comin'
You move to slow take care of dat
Who got the hay
Who got the hay
What do they say
Across the street
I'm goin' crazy lookin' for the ink
I take a quarter
Fill it to the border of that bag
Where da bud at

Where is the bud
Where is the bud
Where is the bud
We looking for the bud

(Lord Infamous)
They call me lord Infamous
But you can call me Scarecrow
I need me some red hair
Chicken or some indo
And I need a couple of quarts of something
So I can get full
We smoke off the ink
We get blowed off the ink
We get fucked up
We takin' them hard pulls
You'll get a wiff
When you sniff up in the air
We smoke bud anywhere
Yeah bitch we don't care
Cause when we get the urge
To fire up some chronic
Manne a nigga must campaign
Couds up in the brain
Fool that cheefa got me hype
Oh me so hype dog
Blowin' so much bud
Fool cheefin' contacts off the fall
This shit is burnin' to quick
Fuck this little just a stroll

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