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Mafia Niggaz Lyrics

by 36 Mafia


Mafia Niggaz Song Lyrics

Mafia Niggaz by 36 Mafia

(repeat 2X)]

We gotta come like we get doen and dirty for our figures
We gotta come like we be quick to pull back on some triggers
We gotta come you know dat Devil shit is still up in us
We Mafia Niggaz We Mafia Niggaz
[Lord Infamous]
So damn wicked got some shit you bitches never saw
I caught you shakin sawed off's pumpin now'll we'll break the
I cut the air off where you breath while I'm blazin on these
The? I get from these trees'll take your leg up off
You chokin from exhaust
You lost up in the sauce
You stand against the wall
Don't play wit Lord at all
You dealin wit some now you pissin down your leg
And got a gun against your head you know dis lead is for a
Bloody brawl
I'm tryna go for boss
Prepare for Holocaust
I got moss and when I toss it will get em off
I'm dirty for the cause
Bitch don't you hit the pause
I'll lock you bitches in the icebox wit it full of frost
Bitch don't you know that when I'm hi I leave a dimple
Cock back dis pistol then I'll pop you like a pimple
I got the tunes in the stones
In your home wit the chrome
You alone and the rest is very simple


Ain't no nigga goin play wit me
Play wit me my nigga I'ma lay you in the streets
All I came for is cheese nigga dat's hard to believe
I'ma lock and unload and make your bitch ass bleed
Let ya'll know dat I came wit some shit up my sleeve
Know what I mean my nigga It's only Jus me
Slip dat knife down my sleeve
Slope you dead in your heart
Wit only dat sick shit don't get shit started

Now ever since we done came dem hataz didn't play no joke
Try to bounce to the crib
I shot around in dey home
I'm bustin rugaz
Wit some lugaz
Do ya
Nigga I'ma send em straight through ya
School ya
Bout dis bidness
Bout these boys
Ya bout to witness wit these toys

Wit dem toys yeah we got em
Make the noise when we cock em
Guaranteed to kill and rob em
Stopped em wit the sawed off shotgun
Niggaz in the street dey found em
On dat dog food and Vodka
So much dope the blood was toxic
And the mind is pure psychotic

(Refrão repete 4x )

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