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Evil Lyrics

by 36 Mafia


Evil Song Lyrics

Evil by 36 Mafia

Evil, evil, evil ( 4x)

Notice the murderous vocalist
Infamous rippin' up all of your hoe shit
Approachin Da Scarecrow'll butchure and
Tearin' up niggas wit double edge
Lyrical thought as they go the lyrical legacy
Let the Lord Infamous light up da melody
Every nigga that try to compare with the
Triple 6 Mafia walkin' to therapy
When you walk throught the wilderness
Be very quiet Lord Infamous might be out stalkin'
I suggest you watch out for the voodoo cultures
Make up The Scarecrow is out there ya only for huntin'
Special thanks to my brother Bill Dunigan
Rest in Peace he taught me bout these mean streets
So therefore nigga you don't wanna come deal with the mafia
We'll drop you deep down beneath
The killa imperial black miracle from the bloody pacific
Scarecrow will flow to the end of infinity
With the style that's mystic

Deep when we creep
Take yo last breath
Roll up yo tombstone
Smoke a blunt of death
The juice'll leave ya fuckin' hoes in terror
And scared of the Mystic Styles of them 3-6 devils
Who eva step up to this click then ya doomed
Cruise wit my harpoon
Straight through yo heart fool
Soon I'll have you in tha trance
Swearin hearin' evil chants
Two knifes stuck down in my pants
Bustas do not stand a chance

See I'm'ma cold hearted killa like murderer Al Kapone
Strong as thousand mile winds quick to break ya bones
A glock 19, 95 I cause ya early death
Ya walkin' Triple 6 streets so foo watch ya step
We all about makin' that cheese we gotta stay straight mane
Robbin' and workin' these hoes foo it aint no thang
I even got virgins servin' for me in some otha nations
Pimpin' so hard that I got locked for some tax evasion
Killas & theves is all I ever had the pleasure to meet
A rusty ass tec 9'll make ya hit ya knee
I'm tryin to keep from blastin' off my muthafuckin' balls
By da one in da chamber of da glock I got in my draws
I got my cap to the side
Watchin' my fuckin' back
My dopes across the street in the grass when I'm sweatin the
Satan worshipper
The thug I be my profile read my file
I be enemy child for a while within' a Mystic Style

Aww yea it's like this for da 95'
Just like last year
You can't fuck wit us...

Butt-Head: Hehe, you dumbass

( Refrão )

Yeah Juicy "J" aka da juice up in this bitch and I'm out
Yea, thiz Lil' Fly up in this mothafucka
Straight from funkytown hoe

Gangsta Boo up in this mu-fucka you know what I'm sayin'
Kickin' these satanic verses I'm out hoe

This LaChat up in this mu-fucka tellin all these hoes to take
Ana to tha floo I'm out

Yeah, Koopsta Knicca up in this bitch with that midevil shit
Yeah, DJ Paul up in this muthafucka
Da killaman--prophet entertainment in this hoe
Lord Infamous, Da Scrarecrow in this muthafucka
Tha mystical one nigga


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